The History

ZITOWAY Sport & Adventure was founded in February 1998 as a result of the desire of change comes in the life of Adriano Zito, who until then has worked as a merchant in the clothing industry. Always linked to the passion for adventure and sport, and fascinated by the desert, knew from the trips made in many deserts in Africa by car or motorbike.
Then participate for two years at the most important races Tout Terrain Rally in Africa. Then the races give way to the African journeys made with his Land Rover 110 in southern Africa (South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia) with his wife Patty and their sons Andrea and Annalisa.
The result of these experiences, move in Adriano the wish to change career hoping to do some adventure and sports events as job. The ZITOWAY initially occupies 360 of the activity in the outdoor, travel, logistic organization of large events and mountain bike raids.
In 1998 Adriano participate as a competitor to the 13th edition of the legendary Marathon des Sables in Morocco, this experience will affect the continuation of the ZITOWAY, in fact in May 1999,was created the first edition of the 100 km of Sahara, a foot race desert, 100 km in 4 days.
The passion for travel and the desire to organize more and more races, leads to the development of other programs of Trail Running Adventure which will then complete the company's proposals. In 2001, during the 3 rd edition of the 100 km of Sahara, the meeting with Manuel Lugli, a keen mountaineer, and organizer of expeditions and trekking with his company Endless Knot. Manuel is also a runner and his skills and enthusiasm bring a further boost to the company that integrates programs , becoming in this way the partner of the company the following year.
The simultaneous meeting with the agency Terramia, dating back to the 3 rd edition of the 100 km of the Sahara, will be the decisive factor for the big jump in terms of communication.
It will be Baldisserotto Antonio, the owner of the agency, to believe in these new formula of travel and making efforts, together with ZITOWAY, for maximum visibility even internationally, and here occurs in the following years a great growth of all the programs that in the meantime have developed in Italy and abroad.In May of 2009 concludes the co-operation with the agency Terramia and ZITOWAY entrusts the task of providing technical support and registration to the agency Born2Run.


Two Land Rover 110 used to transport passengers and their luggage, are equipped with luggage racks suitable for the transport of various equipment.

One LAND ROVER 130, which has 5 passenger seats in addition a tarpaulin body on the back.

One LAND ROVER 110 pick-up for equipment transport. A special off-road trailer has been equipped with cold room designed especially for extreme conditions.

Three 4x4 trucks ACM 80 one equipped with a full kitchen, capable of serving over 200 meals in just an hour, one equipped as food storage, the other for the logistics equipment. These special trucks allow the creation of catering service in the race, organized by Italian chefs and made with Italian products, which is the flagship of the company.

Four quad bikes are used to control the conduct of the race, thanks to their agility and flotation on the sand are the best vehicles for this type of terrain.