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Dear friends,
As anticipated in the message of good wishes for the new year, there are many new things to announce.
Let’s start with the most important: ZITOWAY srls was born today, with Adriano Zito, Manuel Lugli and Carlos García Prieto as joint partners. We had been talking about it for a long time and the desire to share the Zitoway business with my historical collaborators Manuel and Carlos became more and more pressing.

We have been working together on Zitoway events and activities for more than 14 years!” During all this time, a relationship of growing professional and personal esteem was born and developed, but also of great appreciation for their dedication and commitment, despite the fact that the relationship was officially limited to collaboration.
Well, after this long period of limitations due to the pandemic and following the projects to relaunch future activities, both for old events and for new ones to come, it was necessary to start over with the right push and with new energy and motivation. For all these reasons, the best possible choice was undoubtedly to join forces in the most concrete way possible.
Now Zitoway is us… Let’s start again from three! And always… long life to Zitoway!
On this occasion, I would like to anticipate that we are organizing an event-meeting for next spring: a reunion with old and new friends for the official presentation of the new company and the new calendar and to share a pleasant day together, running or walking and of course sharing the table with Pepe’s magnificent kitchen team and his warriors!
Stay in touch – details on the date and venue will be forthcoming soon.”

See you soon
Adriano Zito


In 2001, during the 3rd edition of the 100 km del Sahara , a professional meeting took place between Adriano Zito and Manuel Lugli (photo down on the left) , passionate traveler, mountaineer as well as “Runner”. His skills and enthusiasm contribute to a further enrichment of the ZITOWAY Sport & Adventure programs.

In 2008 he began a precious and intense collaboration with the Spaniard Carlos Garcia Prieto (photo down on the right) . Known first as a competitor, Carlos has participated in almost all the ZITOWAY Sport & Adventure initiatives carried out up to that point.
Furthermore, ZITOWAY Sport & Adventure avails itself of the invaluable collaborations of a team of experts who make up the ZITOWAY STAFF . A union that has been strengthened and consolidated over time, to arrive at a close-knit stable and dedicated work group .


ZITOWAY Sport & Adventure began in 1998.

Always passionate about Adventure, Sport and Desert , after his participation in the 13th edition of the Marathon des Sables in 1998, Adriano Zito decides to make a change in his life.
In 1999 Adriano Zito, Race Director of the ZITOWAY events , organized the 1st edition of the 100km of the Sahara in the Tunisian Sahara.

Adriano Zito, a profound connoisseur of Africa and the desert environment thanks to the numerous trips made in the world’s deserts, thus founded ZITOWAY Sport & Adventure.

The love for running , and the growing desire to organize various races in naturalistic environments, leads to the development of other “Trail Running Adventures” events in the most spectacular places on the planet.

In twenty years Zitoway Sport & Adventure has organized running competitions in Africa, in the Mediterranean, in the Canaries and Balearics, and in Italy.


Currently ZITOWAY Sport & Adventure organizes ultra running and trail stage events in the Sahara , Namibia , Senegal , Formentera and Fuerteventura .
Sporting events almost always have two distances , one for Runners and one reduced for Walkers & Nordic Walkers.

To manage the technical organization and registration for events, since 2009 ZITOWAY Sport & Adventure has collaborated with Born2Run , resulting in a complete synergy that still leads the two companies to be complementary on all ZITOWAY initiatives .