Formentera TRAIL 21.1 - 2024

FORMENTERA TRAIL 21.1 and 10.0

The day could not have been better: a magnificent sunshine mitigated by a cool east wind accompanied the participants of the 10th Formentera To Run. The 2024 edition saw some itinerary changes that brought a nice breath of fresh air-at least in the opinion of most participants-to the race that has been a fixture on Formentera’s sports calendar for ten years now.

Thanks to the valuable collaboration with the Consell Insular of Formentera, the island’s institutions, and the companies that support the event-Trasmapi and Familia Mari Mayans-this year’s race was again a nice success with participants.

The novelties mainly concerned the start and finish area and a part of the route in the upper part of Pilar; start and finish were this year organized in the dirt area of the village of La Mola, perfect to accommodate the more than two hundred participants who gathered in the morning for the start. The second novelty was a spectacular stretch of coastline to be run between the La Mola lighthouse and the steep descent to the sea of the Estufador, a route much appreciated by runners and walkers for the beauty of the views.

Trail 21.1 constituted, as always, the last stage, the fifth, of the Formentera To Run, the weeklong stage race that saw some 120 athletes run five stages in the island’s most beautiful places.

The stage confirmed the trend of the entire week, leading to the final victory of Spaniard Kike Monegal who finished Formentera To Run ahead of Sergio Murguialday and Italian Andrea Zombardo. First in the women’s standings was the very good Sara Carducci, in yet another victory, followed by Paola Zotta and Carmen Castillo.

Trail 21.1 as a single race, Spanish athletes clearly prevailed, taking the first seven positions. First was the very strong William Aveiro, who ran with impressive progression the entire stage, finishing the race in 1.14.48, more than eight minutes ahead of second-place finisher Juan Mayans Martì, 1.23.02; third place a short distance behind was Jonatan Blanco Gutierrez with 1.23.30. This was followed by Vicente Ferrer Miquel, Jose Martin Nunez, Kike Monegal and Sergio Murguialday. Eighth and first of the Italians is Andrea Zombardo.

First among women, however, the very good Sara Carducci, already the women’s winner of the last edition, with 1.31.43, followed by Spain’s Susana Ruiz Serrat, 1.35.49, and Paola Zotta, 1.52.59.

In Trail 10.0, the second 10-kilometer single trial of the day, victory went to Pedro Molina Lopez, followed by Antonio Bianco and David Castellon Gorriz. For the women, first and second were the two sisters Asuncion and Juana Valero Bonet, third Paula Alonso Gonzales.

With this day, the 2024 edition of the Formentera To Run comes to a close: appointment for 2025.

Clasificación NB Formentera Trail 21.1, 2024

PosiciónApellidos, NombreDorsalNaciónCategoríaSexTempsDiferenciaMedia
1AVEIRO Williams203ESP1 SE1 M01:14:4815.72
2JUAN MAYANS Marti287ESP1 M02 M01:23:02+ 0h8m14s14.16
3BLANCO GUTIERREZ Jonatan207ESP2 SE3 M01:23:30+ 0h8m42s14.08
4FERRER MIQUEL Vicente227ESP1 M14 M01:26:17+ 0h11m29s13.63
5MARTIN NUÑEZ Jose Angel247ESP2 M05 M01:26:26+ 0h11m38s13.61
6MONEGAL Kike1ESP2 M16 M01:27:05+ 0h12m17s13.50
7MURGUIALDAY Sergio18ESP1 M27 M01:27:05+ 0h12m17s13.50
8ZOMBARDO Andrea23ITA3 M08 M01:28:07+ 0h13m19s13.35
9ESCANDELL GARRIDO Adan225ESP4 M09 M01:28:07+ 0h13m19s13.35
10DUCCINI Rocco285ITA5 M010 M01:31:05+ 0h16m17s12.91
11CARDUCCI Sara2ITA1 M11 F01:31:43+ 0h16m55s12.82
12SIERRA ROSADO Juan Antonio276ESP2 M211 M01:32:27+ 0h17m39s12.72
13CORNACCHIA Angelo33ITA3 M212 M01:32:59+ 0h18m11s12.65
14DAVI Alberto284ITA3 M113 M01:35:23+ 0h20m35s12.33
15RUIZ SERRAT Susana266ESP1 M32 F01:35:49+ 0h21m1s12.27
16PLA TARIN Vicente249ESP4 M114 M01:36:59+ 0h22m11s12.13
17BALDESSARI Mauro79ITA4 M215 M01:37:31+ 0h22m43s12.06
18SAINTRAPT Stephane267FRA1 M316 M01:38:57+ 0h24m9s11.88
19MASTROMARINO Luca28ITA5 M217 M01:39:41+ 0h24m53s11.80
20FACCIOLO Valerio47ITA1 M418 M01:43:26+ 0h28m38s11.37
21DE LAS HERAS Esteban218ESP3 SE19 M01:44:44+ 0h29m56s11.23
22RODRIGUEZ ALCONADA Miguel49ESP6 M020 M01:44:46+ 0h29m58s11.22
23COUDERT Gaël35FRA2 M321 M01:45:40+ 0h30m52s11.13
24MARMORINO Adriano244ITA3 M322 M01:47:10+ 0h32m22s10.97
25SCHRÖER Niko272GER5 M123 M01:47:52+ 0h33m4s10.90
26BASTARD ZURITA Fernando205ESP4 SE24 M01:49:41+ 0h34m53s10.72
27EGEA BELDA Ximo282ESP6 M225 M01:49:49+ 0h35m1s10.71
28CEREDI Matteo214ITA6 M126 M01:50:47+ 0h35m59s10.62
29CARDUCCI Daniele53ITA7 M127 M01:51:26+ 0h36m38s10.55
30DÖRING Sebastian66GER8 M128 M01:51:39+ 0h36m51s10.53
31TAFFONI Giuliano54ITA4 M329 M01:51:58+ 0h37m10s10.50
32MOSCOSO ROSADO Juan Pedro253ESP7 M230 M01:52:54+ 0h38m6s10.42
33ZOTTA Paola75ITA2 M33 F01:52:59+ 0h38m11s10.41
34HOELZER Oliver12GER5 M331 M01:53:27+ 0h38m39s10.37
35FERNÁNDEZ HERRERA Jose226ESP5 SE32 M01:54:36+ 0h39m48s10.26
36DÍAZ AGUADO Jose Antonio221ESP6 M333 M01:54:48+ 0h40m0s10.24
37SANCHEZ SAN MARTIN Alfredo270ESP7 M334 M01:55:19+ 0h40m31s10.20
38ANDRÍO MARÍN Vicente202ESP9 M135 M01:55:26+ 0h40m38s10.19
39POLANCO BARRASA Jose Ignacio67ESP2 M436 M01:56:11+ 0h41m23s10.12
40BERTERA Tatiana286ITA2 M14 F01:56:18+ 0h41m30s10.11
41STOLLE Karl Ludwig68GER6 SE37 M01:56:54+ 0h42m6s10.06
42ELLIOTT Tiffany224USA1 M25 F01:57:52+ 0h43m4s9.98
43SECO APARICIO Eugenio32ESP8 M338 M01:57:54+ 0h43m6s9.97
44GARCÍA DE REPÁRAZ Y YELO Fernando233ESP10 M139 M01:57:56+ 0h43m8s9.97
45DE NARDI Viviana219ITA2 M26 F01:58:21+ 0h43m33s9.94
46CERESI Martina38ITA1 SE7 F01:58:53+ 0h44m5s9.89
47FONT Robert229AND3 M440 M01:59:02+ 0h44m14s9.88
48COBOS MARTIN Alfonso216ESP8 M241 M02:01:20+ 0h46m32s9.69
49SENIS PRAT Andreu275ESP9 M342 M02:01:32+ 0h46m44s9.68
50GRABULOSA REIXACH Ruth236ESP3 M28 F02:01:32+ 0h46m44s9.68
51ROFFLER Daniel56CHE9 M243 M02:01:52+ 0h47m4s9.65
52AJA RABAGO Juan Fernado200ESP7 M044 M02:02:17+ 0h47m29s9.62
53MEIER Claudia55CHE1 M49 F02:03:12+ 0h48m24s9.55
54PROVINI Cristiano261ITA10 M345 M02:03:22+ 0h48m34s9.53
55SILVA Manuele40ITA10 M246 M02:03:29+ 0h48m41s9.52
56DANIELE Paolo11ITA4 M447 M02:04:41+ 0h49m53s9.43
57CASTILLO AYUSO Carmen50ESP3 M310 F02:05:20+ 0h50m32s9.38
58CAU Gianpiero31ITA5 M448 M02:05:37+ 0h50m49s9.36
59CERESI Paolo39ITA6 M449 M02:06:04+ 0h51m16s9.33
60GALIMBERTI Alessandra36ITA4 M311 F02:06:04+ 0h51m16s9.33
61AMELUNG Henri201GER7 SE50 M02:06:10+ 0h51m22s9.32
62GIANNETTO Tiziana46ITA3 M112 F02:06:11+ 0h51m23s9.32
63SUAREZ DEL FUEYO Rocìo65GER2 SE13 F02:06:21+ 0h51m33s9.31
64ANTONICELLI Federico81ITA1 M551 M02:06:52+ 0h52m4s9.27
65LOPEZ Serge100FRA2 M552 M02:06:53+ 0h52m5s9.27
66FRAGA BORNSCHEIN Loana232ESP4 M214 F02:06:53+ 0h52m5s9.27
67FISHER William228GBR11 M153 M02:06:54+ 0h52m6s9.27
68OLIVARES Angels257AND2 M415 F02:07:32+ 0h52m44s9.22
69THORIG Daniel Ernst57CHE7 M454 M02:07:53+ 0h53m5s9.20
70STEFANOLLI Danielle37ITA8 SE55 M02:08:11+ 0h53m23s9.17
71RIVA Antonella13ITA1 M516 F02:08:19+ 0h53m31s9.16
72COLOMBO Cristiano4ITA8 M456 M02:08:25+ 0h53m37s9.16
73FERRETTI Massimo44ITA11 M257 M02:09:13+ 0h54m25s9.10
74RUIZ SÁNCHEZ Francisco Roberto265ESP9 SE58 M02:10:36+ 0h55m48s9.00
75PAPA Patrizia6ITA5 M217 F02:10:48+ 0h56m0s8.99
76CAGNA Sonia24ITA5 M318 F02:10:54+ 0h56m6s8.98
77DI LELLO Alfredo45ITA3 M559 M02:11:40+ 0h56m52s8.93
78GONZALEZ BERMUDEZ Erick Eduardo234ESP10 SE60 M02:11:54+ 0h57m6s8.92
79STOLLE Franziska Claire64GER3 SE19 F02:12:57+ 0h58m9s8.85
80FAVA Luciano62ITA9 M461 M02:13:02+ 0h58m14s8.84
81SANCHEZ GUTIERREZ Clarisa269ESP6 M220 F02:13:19+ 0h58m31s8.82
82FORZATTI Paolo230ITA12 M162 M02:14:20+ 0h59m32s8.75
83CARITO Giovanni60ITA10 M463 M02:15:58+ 1h1m10s8.65
84AJA RABAGO Nuria283ESP1 M021 F02:16:49+ 1h2m1s8.60
85PONS LÁZARO Jose Luis259ESP12 M264 M02:17:11+ 1h2m23s8.57
86LAURENS Sebastien241AND11 M365 M02:17:42+ 1h2m54s8.54
87INIGO VARONA FRANCO Jose20ESP12 M366 M02:18:37+ 1h3m49s8.48
88ORTUZAR SOMOZA Marta19ESP6 M322 F02:18:37+ 1h3m49s8.48
89DEL MORAL Cristina21ESP1 M623 F02:18:37+ 1h3m49s8.48
90SEGURA PEREZ Juan Luis274ESP13 M367 M02:18:39+ 1h3m51s8.48
91KADLEC Petr239CZE4 M568 M02:18:47+ 1h3m59s8.47
92CATRIS AMAR Alexia213ESP4 SE24 F02:19:19+ 1h4m31s8.44
93POLI Patrizia74ITA2 M625 F02:19:53+ 1h5m5s8.41
94SOLA Giuseppe10ITA11 M469 M02:20:29+ 1h5m41s8.37
95VILALLONGA ALSINA Carlos280ESP14 M370 M02:23:28+ 1h8m40s8.20
96SARTOR Federica271ITA4 M126 F02:24:24+ 1h9m36s8.14
97BARBARIN Marco204ITA13 M171 M02:24:25+ 1h9m37s8.14
98JORDÁN FERNÁNDEZ Luis30ESP12 M472 M02:25:10+ 1h10m22s8.10
99GARCÍA HERNÁNDEZ Sandra29ESP7 M227 F02:25:10+ 1h10m22s8.10
100BORDOGNA Mario208ITA13 M473 M02:25:36+ 1h10m48s8.08
101POZZO Simone260ITA14 M174 M02:26:03+ 1h11m15s8.05
102HERNÁNDEZ PEIRO Manuel237ESP13 M275 M02:26:26+ 1h11m38s8.03
103CALOMARDE DE MIGUEL Luisa211ESP8 M228 F02:26:26+ 1h11m38s8.03
104MARNINI Debora41ITA2 M029 F02:27:38+ 1h12m50s7.97
105ZUMBOLO Francesco27ITA5 M576 M02:27:39+ 1h12m51s7.96
106PEDRINI Aldo26ITA14 M477 M02:28:30+ 1h13m42s7.92
107MUÑOZ Ana255ESP9 M230 F02:28:59+ 1h14m11s7.89
108GOZALVEZ GARCIA Ana Maria235ESP10 M231 F02:28:59+ 1h14m11s7.89
109ALBALADEJO FUSTER David51ESP15 M378 M02:32:01+ 1h17m13s7.74
110ZIRONDELLI Tiziano3ITA1 M679 M02:32:20+ 1h17m32s7.72
111MARTOS MARTÍNEZ Inma250ESP11 M232 F02:32:37+ 1h17m49s7.71
112DE LA PEÑA Jose Enrique217ESP15 M180 M02:32:51+ 1h18m3s7.69
113CALZOLARI Simona5ITA3 M433 F02:34:49+ 1h20m1s7.60
114GARCIA Encarni22ESP4 M434 F02:36:51+ 1h22m3s7.50
115GHIDINI Veruska17ITA12 M235 F02:37:36+ 1h22m48s7.46
116MILANESI Carlo25ITA6 M581 M02:37:37+ 1h22m49s7.46
117MAGNANI Cinzia42ITA5 M436 F02:38:00+ 1h23m12s7.44
118DI CATERINO Maria Rachele15ITA7 M337 F02:38:00+ 1h23m12s7.44
119PASSADORE Carlo80ITA1 M982 M02:41:08+ 1h26m20s7.30
120BELLASI Antonio206ITA14 M283 M02:41:38+ 1h26m50s7.28
121FORZATTI Marilena231ITA13 M238 F02:41:38+ 1h26m50s7.28
122VILLANO Donatella281ITA14 M239 F02:41:39+ 1h26m51s7.27
123DE RINALDIS Adamo220ITA2 M684 M02:41:39+ 1h26m51s7.27
124REGADA SÁNCHEZ Anna Maria262ESP3 M040 F02:42:36+ 1h27m48s7.23
125MUINO PALOMAR Cristina254ESP5 SE41 F02:46:20+ 1h31m32s7.07
126ROMERO DURÁN Miguel263ESP11 SE85 M02:46:20+ 1h31m32s7.07
127DE PASCALI Maria Teresa14ITA2 M542 F02:48:45+ 1h33m57s6.97
128GILLI Davide Francesco8ITA7 M586 M02:51:11+ 1h36m23s6.87
129BORTESI Paola9ITA6 M443 F02:51:11+ 1h36m23s6.87
130LAUWERS Catheline242ESP3 M544 F02:58:08+ 1h43m20s6.60
131VIEDMA Pilar279ESP4 M545 F02:58:09+ 1h43m21s6.60

Clasificación NB Formentera Trail 10km, 2024

PuestoApellidos, NombreDorsalNatCategoriaSexTiempoDiferenciaMedia
1MOLINA LOPEZ Pedro Manuel367ESP1 M21 M00:40:4914.70
2BIANCO Antonio70ITA2 M22 M00:47:25+ 0h6m36s12.65
3CASTELLON GORRIZ David375ESP1 M33 M00:50:18+ 0h9m29s11.93
4SOLÍS Manuel372ESP1 SE4 M00:55:50+ 0h15m1s10.75
5VALERO BONET Asuncion373ESP1 M21 F00:58:21+ 0h17m32s10.28
6VALERO BONET Juana374ESP1 M12 F00:58:21+ 0h17m32s10.28
7MARÍN IGLESIAS José Luis366ESP2 SE5 M00:58:38+ 0h17m49s10.23
8BOU PORÉ Sergio209ESP3 SE6 M01:00:17+ 0h19m28s9.95
9ALONSO GONZÁLEZ Paula351ESP1 SE3 F01:00:46+ 0h19m57s9.87
10SAINTRAPT Monika268FRA3 M27 M01:01:39+ 0h20m50s9.73
11PENSATO BOSCH Olivia368ESP2 SE4 F01:01:39+ 0h20m50s9.73
12GUTIERREZ RAMIREZ Patty362ESP2 M25 F01:03:12+ 0h22m23s9.49
13DIAZ BREIJO David376ESP4 M28 M01:03:55+ 0h23m6s9.39
14ROUSSEL Astrid370FRA3 SE6 F01:04:37+ 0h23m48s9.29
15SCHIAVONE Giovanni78FRA1 M49 M01:05:19+ 0h24m30s9.19
16BERNAL PALACIOS Marina354ESP4 SE7 F01:05:21+ 0h24m32s9.18
17CHURRUCA Ana16ESP1 M48 F01:06:00+ 0h25m11s9.09
18CASTELLS TAPIES Ramón212ESP2 M310 M01:09:16+ 0h28m27s8.66
19MARTÍN MARTIN-BLAS Juan De Dios48ESP5 M211 M01:11:39+ 0h30m50s8.37
20ESCANDELL JUAN Francisca Elena358ESP1 M39 F01:11:42+ 0h30m53s8.37
21ESCANDELL JUAN Montserrat359ESP2 M110 F01:12:09+ 0h31m20s8.32
22RAFFI Valeria71ITA3 M211 F01:12:49+ 0h32m0s8.24
23AMELUNG Jenna352GER5 SE12 F01:13:54+ 0h33m5s8.12
24DEVELS Igors357LVA1 M112 M01:19:41+ 0h38m52s7.53
25BELOUSOVA Anastasia353ESP1 M013 F01:19:41+ 0h38m52s7.53
26LAUWERS NELISSEN Laura364ESP2 M414 F01:22:25+ 0h41m36s7.28
27CISLAGHI Oreste Claudio355ITA1 M713 M01:24:01+ 0h43m12s7.14
28CISLAGHI Filippo Pietro Alessandro356ITA4 SE14 M01:24:01+ 0h43m12s7.14
29LLEVADIAS Sandra243ESP2 M315 F01:42:22+ 1h1m33s5.86

Formentera TRAIL 21.1


The only TRAIL half-marathon in Formentera.
Runners run a 21.1 in La Mola area, enchanting spot in Formentera.
For Walkers: the distance becomes 10 km. but the beauty is the same.


A sport weekend in the smallest of Balear islands. Enjoy a great weekend in relax and run Formentera TRAIL 21.1 to make it perfect !


The route is totally marked.
With carton boards, ribbons and hi-visibility flags. The route is patrolled by medical and technical vehicles The route is patrolled by medical and technical vehicles


June 1 2024

Formentera TRAIL 21.1 - June 1, 2024 - 10th Edition
BRAND NEW: Formentera TRAIL 10.0 k.

What is Formentera TRAIL 21.1 and
Formentera TRAIL 10.0 ?

Many things have been changed in Formentera Trail 21.1.
Now TWO are the races: the classic half-marathon and a 10 km. As usual, is confirmed the 10 km non-competitive for walkers.
The start and finish area is at the PILAR DE LA MOLA parking lot, where it will be possible to park cars and scooters in the special parking lots set up.
Timing by chip both in the 10 km and 21.1 km


  • The bib number will bear an emergency phone number; strongly reccommended to carry a cell phone during the race.
  • At refreshment points will only be possible the use of the collapsible cups provided to all the participants; this is meant to reduce as much as possible the use of plastics and paper.
  • It will be possible collect the bib numbers and the race package also in the race day, from 7,30 to 8,30 by the organization tent (valid only for the runners regularly registered online. Last minute on-the-spot registrations are not accepted).
  • In order to facilitate the runners for the after-race lunch, two packages have been set:
    BASIC PACKAGE, includes bib number, insurance, race services, collapsible cup and race medal.
    – PREMIUM PACKAGE includes: bib number, insurance, race services, collapsible cup and race medal. To these items, the following is added:branded t-shirt, lunch and free drinks (an identification bracelet will be provided to the subscribers) .
  • Cotton T-shirt branded Formentera Trail 10.0 for the runners and the walkers. Cotton T-shirt branded Formentera Trail 21.1 for the half-marathon runners.

Half Marathon TRAIL – Km 21.1
Route that runs partly along the flat dirt tracks of the upper part of the island ( La Mola area) and partly on the routes that first descend to Mitjorn beach with the Camino Romano and then go up to La Mola following the Stufador Way
The first 6 km are flat; after the first wateer point is downhill to reach the 2nd water point; from here a single track clamb up to reach km 14. The last 6 km returns to being flat.
Difficulties are mainly due to the terrain – pretty jagged and demanding in some sections – and to the 420 meters climb. A map of the race course is shown by the start line.
Besides the final refreshment point, water points at 6th, 11th and 17th km are set; the course will be marked as described at the pre-start briefing. By the start line a parking for cars and scooters will be set. A guarded spot where to leave sport bags also will be set. Time limit 3 hours.

Formentera TRAIL – Km 10.0
Is the new entry for this edition, a competitive 10 km that entirely stretches in the upper part of Pilar de la Mola featuring an easy and almost flat course, pretty fast.
A single refreshment point at half distance will be set.
There is neither downhill along the Stufador trail nor climb on Camino Romano single track: the whole itinerary stretches in the upper parto of La Mola.

The same course will be used by the walkers. There’s no rank for this category,but the finisher medal will be awarded.

Being the Italian organization, we are obliged to comply with Italian law, which requires us to require runners to have a Medical Certificate for competitive activity.
For those who walk, a certificate for recreational activity is sufficient.

You can download the certificates here:



RECCOMMENDED to all participants to run with a water supply of minimum 0.5 liters. with bottle or reservoir. In case of hot temperatures, three water points could be not enough to re-hydrate.

The Formentera TRAIL 21.1 and the Formentera TRAIL 10.0 are part of the stage races of the Zitoway Sport & Adventure in the beach environment.


Here the pictures of previous editions

Video Formentera TRAIL 21.1

Participation Fees



– Maximum numbers allowed:
TRAIL 21.1: 250 people
TRAIL 10.0: 250 people
CAMMINATORI: 50 people

– Registration is via the website only: direct on-site registration is not possible.
– Once the available places in the various categories are filled, registration will be closed.

Race Fee

21 km.
33 Race Bib
  • Collapsible cup
  • Race assistance
  • Medical assistance
  • Race refreshments
  • Medal
  • Insurance

Race Fee

10 Km.
13 Race Bib
  • Collapsible cup
  • Race assistance
  • Medical assistance
  • Race refreshments
  • Medal
  • Insurance


10 Km. NON
10 Race Bib
  • Collapsible cup
  • Race assistance
  • Medical assistance
  • Race refreshments
  • Medal
  • Insurance

Premium Supplement

For all categories
17 Premium package
  • Race branded T-shirt
  • Bracelet for admission to the final lunch (with free drinks)

Program 2024

Friday, May 31, 2024

Bib pickup

From 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. at Hotel Riu la Mola, technical checks, bib and chip assignment
(expected security deposit of € 10. upon return of the chip the deposit will be returned).

Saturday, June 1, 2024

NB Formentera TRAIL 21.1 and TRAIL 10.0

  • 7,30/8,30. Bib number delivery.
  • 8:30 am. MEETING PARK of PILAR de la MOLA to be reached by own vehicles that will be parked in the start/finish area.
  • 8,45 AM. Race briefing.
  • 9,00 AM Race start: 21.1 km, 10.0 and 10 km walkers.
  • 10,30 AM. Start lunch distribution for registered.
  • 12,30 PM Awards ceremony of “NB Formentera Trail 21.1” and“NB Formentera Trail 10.0”.
  • All the participants will be individually ranked, including those who registered in the NB Formentera to Run programme.

Some advice.

  1. What documents I need ? I.D. or passport
  2. Do I need vaccinations ? No
  3. What is the official currency in Formentera? Euro
  4. Is own SIM working in Crete ? Yes
  5. Do I need a license for the scooter? Yes
  1. Where is Formentera located? It is located in the Balearic Islands, off the coast of Spain
  2. What is the official language ? Spanish
  3. In what area of Formentera does the race take place? It takes place in various parts of the island.
  4. How’s climate ? Pretty hot but mildly windy.
  5. How are the temperatures? In rhe event period, 25°-28° C
  6. Which time zone ? GMT +1
  7. How is the terrain ? The terrain si pretty much variated, depending on the stage. These range from hard, compacted earthen soils, to rocky soils that require some attention due to the presence of stones, to more distinctly sandy
  8. What animals is possible to find ? Any dangerous animal.
  1. What is the compulsory equipment ? None
  2. How is the itinerary marked ? With fluorescent orange bows and arrows
  3. How are the routes ? Mostly off road.
  4. How do I manage personal trash ? Litter is strongly prohibited: trash must be carried to water points or finish line.
  5. What is served in the refreshment points ? Water, drinks, tea, biscuits, fruit.
  6. Does the cell phone pick up along the way? Yes, almost everywhere.
  7. Do I need a medical certificate ? Yes
  8. Is it advisable to have a personal insurance ? Yes
  9. Is there Zitoway staff along the routes ? Yes, several vehicles, including the medical one, patrol the race.
  10. In case of bad weather, will the race take place ? Yes


  1. Is there internet in the accommodations? Usually it’s available.
  2. What plug do I need to charge my devices in the hotel ? European plugs
  3. I have nutritional special need, what do I do ? The final lunch is one for all: sorry, but no chance to have any special menu.
    1. What shoes are more suitable for the Formentera TRAIL 21.1? The terrain is mostly compact and rocky, with sections to run along cliffs that can be tricky. Structured, well-built shoes are surely advised, to prevent ankles injuries.
    2. And what socks ? Technical socks with variated thickness or single-toes socks are advisable.
    1. How do I dress for the race ? Usual running clothing is appropriate for the conditions; possible windy conditions should be considered.
    2. I take part in the Formentera TRAIL 21.1 as a runner RUNNER: are walking poles useful ? No
    1. What do I put in my Emergency Kit ? Wide range antibiothic, ant-diarroea, antipyretic, pain killers (ibuprofen). A medical h24 assistance is provided.
    2. Are there mosquitos or other insects ? No